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September 22, 2019 | Rome, Italy
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The Team

Good writers are hard to find. The American has been fortunate beyond measure to assemble a group of veteran journalists and younger writers. Since the magazine began publishing online in 2004, some have written once, others dozens of times. But each has done his or her part with enthusiasm and a commitment to professional ethics.

Below you’ll find a list of the most recent contributors to the project (in all, we’ve published some 200 writers). Some live in Italy while others write from afar. A list of their published work for us may be found below their brief biographies. We do not list the personal email addresses of our writers at their request. Some have blogs and personal sites, and many of those are also listed. The writers are responsible for the content of their personal biographies and are also accountable for their spirit and accuracy. Errors in fact, however, are the full responsibility of the magazine. Point them out and we’ll correct them.

If you wish to get in touch with one of our writers about their work you may write to them: info@theamericanmag.com and your message will be forwarded to them in due course. Whether they choose to answer is up to them.

Finally, while all content has been vetted and edited, the views represented in our reports, interviews, profiles, and first-person columns represent those of the authors and not the magazine. The American is a forum for ideas about Italy and the world around it. It’s also a venue where expatriates can read about what their fellows are thinking. If you’d like to join our team, write to us at the maginfo address and we’ll open up a conversation. Eloquence and insight is what we seek and what we hope to have provided so far. Our magazine is the sum of its wonderfully disparate parts. It is “old school” in that it does not represent a forum for reader ideas and “quickie” feedback. Nor is it a blog. Instead, it is a kind of “log,” which we see as an effort to compile many life narratives, some from Italy, others not. With luck, bits of wisdom follow suit.

Current Writers

  • Eleonora BaldwinEleonora Baldwin

    Eleonora Baldwin lives in Rome dividing her time between food and lifestyle writing, hosting prime-time TV shows, and designing Italian culinary adventures. She is the author of popular blogs Aglio, Olio e Peperoncino and Casa Mia Italy Food & Wine.

  • Henry BennettHenry Bennett

    Henry Bennett first saw clouds up close when he was 3 years old, on a flight from Los Angeles to New York City in one of the first commercial jets to cross the continent. He has lived in Maui, Hawaii for the last 23 years but still travels far and wide. He wishes people would read more books.

  • Mark CampbellMark Campbell

    Mark David Campbell grew up in a town north of Lake Ontario, Canada. He holds a doctorate in social cultural anthropology and spent two decades studying and working internationally. While on a project in Greece, he met an Italian doctor, fell in love, got married and set up house in Italy. He paints, writes and teaches, dividing his time between Milan and Lago Maggiore.

  • Kristine Crane, Associate EditorKristine Crane, Associate Editor

    Kristine Crane is Associate Editor of The American and the author of the "L'Americana" column. She lives and writes in North Central Florida. She was formerly a Fulbright scholar and journalist in Rome, where she helped found "The American." She is originally from Iowa City.

  • Elisa Scarton DettiElisa Scarton Detti

    Elisa stubbornly decided to move back to Italy after her parents went to the trouble of immigrating to Australia before she was even born. Before leaving Melbourne, she earned a journalism degree, with honors, from RMIT University. She now lives and writes in the Tuscan countryside town of Manciano, in La Maremma, her husband's home ground.

  • Suzanne DunawaySuzanne Dunaway

    Suzanne Dunaway, a longtime major magazine writer and artist, is the author and illustrator of "Rome, At Home, The Spirit of La Cucina Romana in Your Own Kitchen" (Broadway Books) and "No Need To Knead, Handmade Italian Breads in 90 Minutes" (Hyperion). She taught cooking for 15 years privately and at cooking schools in Los Angeles, and now maintains a personal website and a blog. She divides her time between southern France and Italy.

  • Patricia E. FogartyPatricia E. Fogarty

    Former Rabelais scholar Patricia Fogarty honed her skills in the New York City publishing world. She lives in Rome and has been the magazine's book columnist for a decade.

  • Madeleine Johnson, Associate EditorMadeleine Johnson, Associate Editor

    Madeleine Johnson has written her "Notebook" column for more than a decade. She lived in Italy for almost 30 years, mostly in Milan, before returning to the U.S. in 2017. Her work has been published in the "Financial Times" and "New York Post."

  • Madeline KlostermanMadeline Klosterman

    Brooklyn-based Madeline Klosterman was born and raised in rural Ohio. After nearly two decades in corporate media, she now writes and studies art. Her column has appeared for more than a decade.

  • Susan LevensteinSusan Levenstein

    New York native Susan Levenstein, MD, moved to Italy in 1978 and has maintained a successful Rome primary care practice since 1980. She has a professional website and writes a blog. In May 2019, Paul Dry Books published her memoirs, entitled "Dottoressa".

  • Elaine LutiElaine Luti

    laine Luti has been a psychotherapist in private practice for more than 30 years. She has taught psychology at various universities in Italy. Her interests include calligraphy, cooking, singing, and reading. She has grown children (and grandchildren) and lives with her husband in Rome.

  • Letizia MattiacciLetizia Mattiacci

    A former behavioral ecologist, Italian-born Letizia left academia with husband Ruurd to renovate a 500-year-old Umbrian farmhouse they turned into a B&B and cooking school named Alla Madonna del Piatto . She maintains a blog and in 2015 published a cookbook called "A Kitchen With a View." She is on leave.

  • Scarlet MichaelsonScarlet Michaelson

    Scarlet is a writer living in Los Angeles. She loves a good espresso and is sometimes mistaken for Italian.

  • Naeema NaqeebNaeema Naqeeb

    Naqeeb was born in 1992, in Bangladesh. She is American through her mother and Bengali through her father. She has lived in too many countries, and would be happy to remain in one place long enough to get to know it. For the moment, she lives in Kansas City, Missouri.

  • Eleonora SaravalleEleonora Saravalle

    Los Angeles-based Eleonora was born in Milan. She studied at schools in Italy, England, and the U.S. before earning her degree at Brown. When Eleonora is not acting, writing, or watching comedy, she spends her time drinking tea, worrying too much about everything, and spouting spoonerisms.

  • Jeff SchweersJeff Schweers

    Jeff Schweers is an award-winning political and investigative journalist based in Tallahassee, Florida. A New York transplant, he has a passion for food, culture and travel, which he covers in a blog also titled Let's Get Lost.

  • Joe ScottJoe Scott

    Joe Scott was born Joseph Scott Fuller in 1947. He has played the roles of "red-diaper baby," quitter of college, radical leftist, icer on a salmon cannery slime line, tire warehouseman, carpenter in the World Trade Center towers, printing press operator, computer programmer, and husband and father — all to predominantly excoriating reviews. He now lives in Oakland, California, with his partner of 14 years.

  • Book StaffBook Staff

    The Book Staff represents a series of authors who review books for the magazine on a regular basis.

  • Shaula VilladonigaShaula Villadoniga

    Havana, Cuba-born Shaula Villadoniga earned a Ph.D. in Intercultural Studies from Rome's La Sapienza University. She maintains an avid interest in both literature and anthropology. Her "Anthropos" column was first published in 2014 and combines aspects of social and cultural anthropology. After years in Rome, Shaula now resides in London. She is fluent in Spanish, Italian, and English.

  • Christopher P. WinnerChristopher P. Winner

    Christopher P. Winner is a veteran American journalist and essayist who was born in Paris and has lived in Europe for more than 30 years.

  • David WinnerDavid Winner

    Fiction Editor David Winner is a novelist ("The Cannibal of Guadalajara," "Tyler's Last") who has twice been nominated for the Pushcart Prize. He has published in "The Village Voice," "Fiction," "The Cortland Review and the "Kenyon Review." His story "My Lover's Moods" was made into a short film screened at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival.

  • Marcia YarrowMarcia Yarrow

    A military brat, Marcia Yarrow was born in Hamburg, Germany but grew up in Germany, Spain, and Provo, Utah. She's been writing for the magazine since its creation in 2004.