May 24, 2022 | Rome, Italy
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  • Virus woes or a warning?

    China’s total lockdown, ostensibly to control the spread of the Omicron variant, seems at times to be aimed at making a far more important global point.

The Day of the Puma

Some forty May moons ago, when balding Socialist Prime Minister Bettino Craxi held monied sway over suddenly booming Italy and his foreign minister paused [...]

Language of life

Like many people, I started riding a Peloton exercise bicycle during the pandemic. I’m not a huge fan of indoor exercise, but jogging gets [...]

Day of fears overcome

America is obsessed with “National __ Day” celebrations. When I first heard of one, National Ice Cream Day, I thought, “This is why America [...]

Intimacy of word

This is a confession of sorts, albeit late, perhaps too late to bother with but I’ll plow ahead. Take it with a grain of [...]

What’s New

Film: “C’mon C’mon”

May 7th, 2022|

There is nothing original or groundbreaking in the use of black and white in films, and yet, depending on who [...]

  • nepal mountains

Solace in a sea of tranquility

May 7th, 2022|

Unlike the ever-anxious West resonant peace pervades Nepal, writes columnist Henry Bennett, who sought a refuge from the headline-news storm and found it.

Intimacy of word

May 4th, 2022|

This is a confession of sorts, albeit late, perhaps too late to bother with but I’ll plow ahead. Take it [...]

  • flowers and bunnies

The hypocrite cook

April 30th, 2022|

For starters, and not of the food kind, let me say that the dish I’m about to describe will not [...]

  • oscar's slapping itself

The last Oscar

April 30th, 2022|

Nobody saw the blatant aggression coming. The world stood by in shock as the blow was delivered. Any progress towards [...]

Water in their blood

April 23rd, 2022|

Whether they’re living through the best or worst of times, Italians are water drinkers. In a year, they guzzle an [...]

Don’t worry, be happy

April 22nd, 2022|

I was busy sitting around at home waiting for a Zoom call on toothpaste slogans when the text buzzed in. [...]

The worst of times

April 18th, 2022|

I was always a fan of 20th-century guidebooks, the vast Baedeker series among my favorites. This love began in my [...]

Workout mat’s therapy session

April 16th, 2022|

The conversation begins this way, more or less predictably: “And how does that make you feel?” “Well, obviously not good.” [...]

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