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September 27, 2022 | Rome, Italy
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Inside India’s abstention

India disappointed many when it refused to endorse sanctions against Russia in the wake of the Ukraine invasion, but for columnist Anish Goel the move was not a stunning surprise.

Agony in plain sight

Frequent readers of this column may have noticed that I never personalize them in any way, preferring to instead stay focused on policies, history, and analysis. A wise mentor taught [...]

When rivals sit down

South Asian hearts were sent fluttering in mid-April when it was revealed that India and Pakistan had engaged in secret bilateral talks in Dubai over the previous four months. According [...]

Twisting in the wind

Since taking office, the Biden Administration has made its top foreign policy priorities abundantly clear — it seeks to stand up to China and Russia, rebuild alliances, focus on climate [...]

A bridge too far?

The Afghanistan peace process, which, less than a year ago, began with so much fanfare, has apparently devolved into a case of senior American officials compelled to plead with their [...]

Out of the ashes

You could almost hear the wails coming from the prime minister’s office in New Delhi in October. It was a soft moaning, the salty combination of disbelief and despair, sprinkled [...]

All along the watchtower

What do the snowy peaks of the Himalayas have in common with the balmy waters of the South China Sea? On the surface, not much. One is a warm tropical [...]

Can’t buy me power

It has long been debated whether it is better to chase and amass money or power. Predictably, most people want both but sometimes choices must be made. Business-oriented folks make [...]

Light in Afghanistan

Afghanistan, as you might imagine, is in a tough spot these days. It has of course been in a perpetual tough spot for more than 40 years. But things seem [...]

No way to treat an ally

Imagine that you are a relatively prosperous western-style democracy with a strong economy and a bright future. Now imagine that you are walloped by the coronavirus outbreak, but that you [...]

Some good news about a bad guy

While the world has been focused on responding to the spread of the coronavirus and short-lived Afghan peace deals, something actually positive happened in Pakistan. In mid-February 2020, Hafiz Saeed [...]

Climate change: firestorm rising

The wildfires that have raged for months in spring and summertime Australia are teaching the world some timely lessons in climate change, forest management, conservation, and modern firefighting techniques. But [...]

Anish Goel, Author
anish goelAnish Goel is a senior fellow in the International Security Program at New America. He previously served in the White House’s National Security Council as senior director for South Asia, and in the U.S. Senate’s Armed Services Committee as professional staff for Asia-Pacific.