September 26, 2023 | Rome, Italy
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About Us

The American is a pro bono independent general interest online magazine complied in Rome, Italy and edited by journalist Christopher P. Winner, who founded the publication in March 2004. It publishes more than 20 columnists on a regular basis.

The American is not an incorporated company and does not accept advertising or issue invoices. All submissions are published on a pro bono basis.

The American takes its name from the Rome Daily American newspaper (1945-1984). It is a non-partisan, general-interest monthly dedicated to giving Italy’s English-speaking residents and foreign readers insight into Italian national culture, politics and lifestyle while also offering essays and opinion pieces unconnected to Italy. The magazine is not connected to or subsidized by any U.S. institution or government agency. All contributions are voluntary.

The American uses the work of a variety of professional journalists and photographers based in Italy and elsewhere. Information on their background is available under The Team on the home page. Story ideas may be sent using the contact box on the home page.

The American’s content and archives are available online. For further information and general queries, send us a message also using the contact box on the home page.

While The American maintains a Facebook page, it is not interactive. It possesses no “comments” section. The purpose of its essays is to stir, rouse, and occasionally provoke, providing intimate perspectives on intrinsically interesting topics. Those readers who wish to communicate with specific authors may do so by addressing a message to that author, once again using in the contact box on the home page. All such messages will be forwarded swiftly.