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July 4, 2022 | Rome, Italy
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A caution to India

In 2019, Jamil Jivani, a social entrepreneur based in Canada, published a book called “Why Young Men: Rage, Race and the Crisis of Identity.” In it, Jivani takes on the [...]

The steep price of prosperity

By all accounts, Phnom Penh is a charming city. Colonial French architecture combined with traditional Khmer influences and modern skyscrapers create an eclectic and pleasing panoramic. A vibrant artistic community [...]

And the abyss deepens

Things are bleak in Afghanistan these days, bleaker perhaps than they have been in quite some time. Given the relentlessly bad news that tends to emanate from Afghanistan, that is [...]

The strongman surge

Democracy has taken a beating lately. Everywhere you look, democratic processes appear to be breaking down, with some countries taking a markedly visible turn toward authoritarianism. Turkey has been a [...]

Anish Goel, Author
anish goelAnish Goel is a senior fellow in the International Security Program at New America. He previously served in the White House’s National Security Council as senior director for South Asia, and in the U.S. Senate’s Armed Services Committee as professional staff for Asia-Pacific.