February 24, 2024 | Rome, Italy


Whether it's the policies of Donald Trump, Teresa May or those of Japan, the economic song remains retro.

Hats off

Donald Trump's American antics and the Britain vote may herald a European re-launch.

Empire of rails

China foresees a world of railroads and interconnection, as if playing the part of an actor in the days of Long Depression.

Election frenzy

In the United States and Europe, elections held and elections to come are ensuring the global political balance remains in flux.

Historical cycles

Studying history means looking at life in century-long, not decade-long stretches, putting Steve Bannon-like alarmism on the fringe.

Ill-winds blowing

What's left of the EU's good name may take a further beating with the right rising and harbinger elections looming in Holland and France.

A terrible year

Little about 2016 was encouraging. What's worse, its successor is destined to be tainted with the same problems.