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July 17, 2018 | Rome, Italy
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Suzanne’s Taste

Foodie and finicky

By | June 18th, 2017|

Saying "no thanks" to a wide variety of foods is a Western affliction that cuts out whole segments of the world's bounty and insults the poor.

Past perfect

By | March 17th, 2017|

Memories of dishes made and eaten, and above all of tastes, can help sum up a lifetime of ups and downs and meals shared.

Natale lite

By | December 17th, 2016|

When your Christmas Eve dinner veers away from meat and poultry, there are creative responses aplenty.


By | August 19th, 2016|

Italy's culinary effort to act sexy has taken its toll on traditionally low-keyed dining spots.


Suzanne Dunaway

Suzanne Dunaway

Longtime painter, writer and cookbook author (and chef) Suzanne Dunaway divides her time between southern France and Rome. She also writes a blog, visit HERE.