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Working Girl

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Date: 1988

Director: Mike Nichols

Starring: Harrison Ford, Melanie Griffin, Sigourney Weaver


lovable piece of taffy with Harrison Ford, Melanie Griffin, Sigourney Weaver, and young Joan Cusack. Former secretary Tess McGill (Griffin) gets a Wall Street windfall after boss Katherine Parker (Weaver) breaks a leg on vacation. When Tess discovers that Parker was lifting her ideas, she’s emboldened to reshape herself into an ersatz executive and woo high-stakes trader Jack Trainer (Ford) into pushing a major deal.

Mike Nichols’ premise isn’t rocket science. It’s working girl-makes-good romantic fairy tale with whoop-it-up caricatures. Griffin shines, as does her Staten Island buddy Cusack. Ford gets that “I like comedy” gleam, a good sign. Weaver hams it up. Great fun.

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