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United 93

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Date: 2006

Director: Paul Greengrass

Starring: J.J. Johnson, Gary Commock, Polly Adams, Opal Alladin


ou’ll get a knot in your stomach from the first frame. By the end, the knot will be in your throat. British director Paul Greengrass recreates the events of September 11 in a superbly-affecting docudrama style. He simply shows us what happened that day — what we couldn’t see then or, perhaps, have since have forgotten.

You are there with the terrorists as they prepare to execute their mission. With the crew as they blithely board. With the air traffic controllers as they realize something is terribly wrong. With the military commanders as they struggle to decide whether to use their fire power. And you are there with the passengers, as they realize they are doomed and try to wrest control of their plane. Greengrass seems to realize that even the mundane moments of what began as a normal day are horribly poignant just because we know now what they didn’t.

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