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Tuscany in Mind

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By Alice Leccese Powers, editor

Vintage, 2005. 400 pages.


ever too late to retrieve a good book from mediocre publicity. Guaranteed: this book is winds above the usual collections of travel writings. And flight’s beyond her earlier “Italy in Mind.” Where the familiar Byron to Vidal quotes toodle across the pages. Having exhausted those hoary sources, for Tuscany Powers digs hard. And finds the glittery nuggets. Tantalizing, little known accounts, by the best.

Did you know Bruce Chatwin spent a writing year in a castle turret in Tuscany, here recounted? Ever read Erica Jung’s ditty on the twittery pappagalli. Does home-loving Mark Twain’s reaction surprise?: “My experiences of Florence were chiefly unpleasant. I will change the subject.” Open these pages to a fresh Tuscan peep, in alpha prose.

About the Author:

Former Rabelais scholar Patricia Fogarty honed her skills in the New York City publishing world. She lives in Rome and has been the magazine's book columnist for a decade.