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The Speed of Dark

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By Elizabeth Moon

Orbit Books, 2002. 424 pages.


n the near future, a cure has been found for autism. Lou is an autistic man who finds patterns in data. His work can’t be done by “normal” people because it depends on an autistic’s powers of focus and pattern recognition.

But because of autism, Lou is socially inept, and faces prejudice at work and at home. Will he take the untested cure to please his boss? To win a girlfriend? To make life easier

Science fiction is the frame holding the picture of this unforgettable character. Lou will change your perceptions regarding autism. Moon, an award-winning science fiction author with an autistic son, knows of what she writes.

About the Author:

Alisa Brown, right, was born in Hereford, Texas, where the cattle outnumber the people. Her dream was to live in Europe. That dream came true in 2001 when she moved to Milan with husband, Dan, and son, Tim. She’s been writing for over 20 years and has taught several writing and creativity courses. “I don’t believe in writer’s block. You just need to stir up your creativity.” One way is to do something outrageous and silly, like color her hair pink.