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The Opposite of Sex

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Date: 1998

Director: Don Roos

Starring: Christine Ricci, Martin Donovan, Lisa Kudrow, Lyle Lovett


his is Christina Ricci’s movie to run and run it she does. Ricci is a physical actress with a wise-ass attitude. Give her come-backers and you get results. In writer-director Don Roos’s move she plays pregnant DeeDee, who bolts Louisiana for Indiana to visit her older half-brother Bill (Martin Donovan). Bill is gay, something DeeDee finds hapless and annoying. But he’s is also living off (considerable) proceeds left to him by former lover Tom. His new man, Matt (Ivan Sergei), catches DeeDee’s ambitious loin eyes. If that weren’t enough there’s Tom’s sister Lucia (Lisa Kudrow), dropout Jason (Johnny Galeki), and the local sheriff (Lyle Lovett), called in to probe charges by Matt that Tom molested him. What matters in this tangle is greed and Ricci. She tells the story in her own words and Roos knows just what suits her. Can DeeDee sway Matt off the gaydar? Duh? It’s “their” baby, she insists. Positively Ricci.

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