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The Death of Innocents: An Eye-Witness Account of Wrongful Executions

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By Helen Prejean

Random House, 2006. 310 pages.


ister Helen Prejean hit the world stage when her bestseller “Dead Man Walking” was turned into a widely acclaimed film. Known as “the death penalty nun,” the Louisiana born, Roman Catholic author has dedicated her life to counseling death row convicts and championing the abolition of capital punishment. “The Death of Innocents” highlights wrongful executions, individuals condemned for crimes they could not have committed. Beginning with two innocents she watched die, Dobie Williams and Joseph O’Dell — both of whom exemplify the truism that “an inept defense lawyer can get you killed,” she moves into a thorough and informative analysis of the U.S. system of criminal justice and concludes that it’s “safer to be rich and guilty than poor and innocent.”

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