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The best of genteel Capri

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Elegant hole-in-the-wall.

rancesco De Angelis is a soft-spoken, classy gentleman and his charming restaurant reflects a pre-mobile phone approach to living and dining. The doorway has a doll-house look and the walls are predictably lined with photographs of visiting celebrities (an Amalfi Coast necessity), but the effect is muted. De Angelis doesn’t really need you to look. The covered veranda is delightful (in the back; the front is narrower and more cluttered), though you’ll need to ask for it specifically when you book.

The house label Capri white is refreshing with a caprese (fresh tomatoes and mozzarella) or veal. Pasta-wise, try ravioli capresi, linguine con lo scorfano (flat spaghetti with scorpion fish), and pezzogna, sea bream a casserole with baked potatoes. Spend a few minutes in the bakeries near the restaurant before dining and munch on assorted taralli biscuits. Closed November-March and Wednesday in March and October, after the tourist rush. Booking a must.

La Capannina, Via Le Botteghe 12b, Capri. Major Credit Cards. Tel. 081.8370732. Open daily.

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