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Swimming Pool

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Date: 2003

Director: François Ozon

Starring: Charlotte Rampling, Charles Dance, Ludivine Sagnier


rim, middle aged British mystery author Sarah Morton (Charlotte Rampling) takes the advice of her publisher (Charles Dance) who dispatches her to his empty summer house in southern France hoping she’ll write more freely. Life turns upside down with the arrival of Julie (Ludivine Sagnier), the publisher’s promiscuous daughter. What begins and a collision of generations and cultures (school-tie Puritanism vs. Gallic je m’en foutisme) evolves into a murder mystery between colluding women with sex as the lubricant. Rampling and Sagnier steal the show, and director François Ozon movie signs off with a nice kicker. But the premise wears too thin, too fast, and the rest is window dressing.

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