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July 3, 2022 | Rome, Italy

Man on Fire

By | 2018-03-21T18:31:00+01:00 October 28th, 2004|Reviews|


Date: 2004

Director: Tony Scott

Starring: Denzel Washington, Dakota Fanning, Christopher Walken

Director Tony Scott is a sucker for fables of redemption. Here, CIA assassin-turned-alcoholic Denzell Washington (Creasy) gets a second chance as a bodyguard in Mexico charged with protecting Pita (Dakota Fanning), the daughter of a prominent businessman married to an American. He reads the Bible. She’s cute and headstrong. Suddenly, she’s kidnapped. Until then, the movie works adroitly with character — Washington and Fanning are a playful “couple.” The last hour — Creasy forages for Pita and his lost honor — is an orgy of vindictive brutality that aches for authentic morality but revels instead in waves of processed violence. Character is abandoned in favor of automatic wepons and heavy-handed doses of sentimentaity. A pity. Nice turn by Christopher Walken as Creasy’s one-time handler.

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