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The 1955 original

By Vladimir Nabokov

Vintage International, 1955 (2001). 317 pages.


#8220;Lolita, light of my life, fire of my loins. My sin. My soul.” Thus begins Humbert Humbert’s tale of his caustic seduction of Dolores Haze. And Nabokov’s enticement of the reader into the mind of a pedophile.

Great fiction should place you inside the skin of the protagonist. Nabokov is the master. He is gentle at first. You’re not too alarmed. By the time you become repulsed, it’s too late. Humbert only provides fleeting glimpses of Lolita’s suffering in his obsessive narrative.You are left to imagine how she must feel. But her experience is almost more brutally vivid left unarticulated.

About the Author:

Kate Swoger is too-rapidly approaching middle age. Following a young woman’s not-so-erotic journey from Montreal to Middle Europe, she settled in Toronto, where she works for CBC Radio. On her last birthday, she decided to write a short story for every month of the year, in an effort to become a published author. Her first story was recently printed in the Vancouver magazine Front, making her instantly immortal.