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Living in Oblivion

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Date: 1995

Director: Tom DeCillo

Starring: Steve Buscemi, James LeGros, Catherine Keener


om DeCillo’s charmer about the perils of making a low-budget indie flick falls squarely into the “movies about move-making” category. But nothing’s forced. Loosely divided into three parts, it’s a day in the life of director Nick Reeve (Steve Buscemi).

Nick struggles to finish a flick whose only box office biggie is oversexed egomaniac Chad (a strutting James LeGros). Lines are forgotten, smoke machines break down, and dream sequences are a cast nightmare. If Chad weren’t enough, Reeve must also contend with with fussy dwarf Tito (Peter Dinklage).

Buscemi’s sweetly exasperated Nick is the film’s wry delight, along with leading lady Nicole (indie specialist Catherine Keener). DeCillo’s point: In a cheap picture, everyone’s a prophet.

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