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Le scaphandre et le papillon (The Diving Bell and The Butterfly)

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Date: 2007

Director: Julian Schnabel

Starring: Julian Schnabel, Emmanuelle Seigner, Marie-Josée Croze


irector Julian Schnabel’s gorgeously-shot film tells the true-life story of a man who, in an instant, becomes trapped inside his own body. Jean-Dominique Bauby (played by Schnabel) is a successful fashion magazine editor (French Elle) who is dropped by a massive stroke while driving in the country. He becomes paralyzed, except for his left eye — he’s locked in his own body.

Excruciatingly, slowly he learns to communicate and, eventually, write his own memoir (which became a best-seller). This is not a Hollywood story of saintly triumph over adversity. Bauby still retains his capacity to hurt those who love him. It is instead a story of the human instinct for survival. The real Bauby died two years after his stroke, a week after the memoir was released.

About the Author:

Kate Swoger is too-rapidly approaching middle age. Following a young woman’s not-so-erotic journey from Montreal to Middle Europe, she settled in Toronto, where she works for CBC Radio. On her last birthday, she decided to write a short story for every month of the year, in an effort to become a published author. Her first story was recently printed in the Vancouver magazine Front, making her instantly immortal.