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La Settimana della Sfinge

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Date: 1990

Director: Daniele Luchetti

Starring: Margerita Buy, Paolo Hendel


n her prime, Margherita Buy was an atypical among Italian actresses: beautiful, boyish, and perfectly suited to the neurotic. She hijacked most everything she touched. This is no exception. Gloria (Buy) is a weird and obsessive waitress who can’t get enough of crossword puzzles and oddball news. But when she meets antenna repairman Eolo (Paolo Hendel), everything changes: she makes her life depend on him the way it did on the puzzles before. There’s an unaccomplished fable about loving too much while knowing too little in Daniele Luchetti’s minor movie. Aeolos, after all, is the Greek god of winds: so chasing Hendel’s Eolo is like chasing the wind. But Buy, who knows the territory between the desperate and the lunatic, is worth your time.

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