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Jenny & the Jaws of Life

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By Jincy Willett

Thomas Dunne Books, 1987 (2002). 274 pages.


t’s hard to resist a collection of short stories with a plug from David Sedaris on the cover saying “It’s just the funniest collection of stories I’ve ever read…”

They are funny, sad, some even sinister, and all are original. The life of one character is revealed only through her fantasies, while another, an acerbic advice columnist who suffers a breakdown, through her letters from readers and her hilarious replies. Others are more straightforward, but no less inventive. All are written with the same strong clear voice that surprises readers, but never loses a beat.

On occasion, she throws in an extremely moving line, perhaps just because she can. Good for Sedaris to say in the forward how much Willett’s book inspired him. After reading Ms. Willett, you can see that’s true in his stories.

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