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I Feel Bad About My Neck

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By Nora Ephron

Knopf, 2006. 160 pages.


on’t start this book with illusions about metaphoring into existentialist — or even just moral — concerns. It really is about the author’s (aging) neck… and any other female parts that need “Status Quo Maintenance!”

The author who scripted “When Harry Met Sally” and “Sleepless in Seattle” possesses the sharp wit of a good standup comedian. At times she even prints lists of fast-patter one-liners regarding the SQM albatross, and other diddly troubles life can hand a woman, like several marriages and divorces.

To be honest the latter never detract from the SQM trail since they’re referred in passing: no names or dates. Children are obscurely hinted at, mainly in the section about Ephron’s life in a classy West Side Manhattan condo. It had a courtyard, “where we (the condo owners) brought our children to play.” In fact, there’s nobody in this book, except a tongue-in-cheek lady and her endless parade of guerilla warfare beauticians. It’s good for a few quick laughs.

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