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How We Are Hungry

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By Dave Eggers

Vintage, 2005. 218 pages.



Hungry for life. In whatever form or transformation we find or devise.

So this collection scouts format possibilities: tall story; real-time account; folklore’s animal tale; flash fiction. In “Another,” the opening fable, a stranger in Egypt pairs to the horseman of death. A mad ride across the desert, then another and… Because these character-driven stories focus fast, relentless search for those salvaged moments which convince us, against all evidence to the contrary, that we are completely alive. Egger’s protagonists evade death and death-in-life.

With mortality a constant lurking antagonist, the writer rescues characters and readers from dead-end tradition. Prose follows suit as he murders cliché and unravels stock imagery, re-viewing and reviving what standard lit passes for experience. This is another Eggers book: eye fresh; mind wide open.

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