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ey guys! Aren’t you loving the fall foliage? LA is so pretty in the fall. A lot of you have been asking about my fall morning routine, so I thought I’d give you what you asked for!

I always wake up to the birds chirping and the sunlight streaming through the curtains I found at a vintage store I wandered into after my blog team (shoutout to my squad!) tracked it down.

I start my day by moisturizing my skin — it’s a must — cause it’s so totally important to take care of it. A lot of you have asked me about my secret to perfect skin, and honestly I don’t do anything. It’s just genetic and Le Louche moisturizer (it means “The Ladle” in French — $59.99).

The birds in my area of LA aren’t the kind that catch the worm, so normally I’m running late for meetings and shopping. I’m kinda like a guy. I just roll out of bed, throw on something and go. I’m not one of those girls that pay a lot of attention to her looks.

People often compliment my outfits. I picked them out with my stylist. But I have to confess whatever I’m wearing what I happened to trip over in my room, cause I’m super-messy. It’s really bad, guys. If you follow me on Snapchat (@tomboy83) you know what I mean.

After spending about an hour in front of the mirror (ugh, girl problems, amirite ladies?) I always settle on something sexy enough that guys will be unable to ignore that I’m a girl but also chill enough that girls can’t form a coalition against me without being labeled mean for hating on the cool chick. Clear, right?

Here’s a fun, fresh trick: steal your boyf’s clothes. I know, I’m such a tomboy. But for real, his clothes will make you look so dainty and like you don’t even care.

While I do my makeup (lately I’m loving the I’m-wearing-make-up-but-you-can’t-tell look) I usually film a tutorial! Please keep leaving comments, guys! I love the comments section of my videos because it really shows you’re comfortable and feel safe enough on to discuss everything from the Palestinian-Israeli conflict to your frustration at your inability to copy my looks!

At this point I normally bustle my way to the kitchen (I know it’s such an old-fashioned word, but I’m kind of a book nerd — I love snuggling up on a windowsill with a book and a cat — I don’t own a cat, but somehow one normally wanders into my apartment). I’m kind of a health freak, cause you are what you eat, and I haven’t ingested gluten since 2008 (I’ve never really researched it, but I’m pretty sure it’s responsible for our country’s national deficit). I start my day with an acai bowl. But I always supplement it with a plate of bacon and hash browns cause even tho I’m refined and healthy I can also eat with the guys. I swear I have the appetite of a 12-year-old boy.

Well, that’s my morning routine! I’ll be posting about my fall midday routine soon! (Spoiler alert — lots of photos of post-its and pens I’ve never touched, organized in an aesthetically pleasing way).

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