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Date: 1998

Director: Michael Cristofer

Starring: Angelina Jolie, Elizabeth Mitchell, Eric Michael Cole


f you consider Angelina Jolie just another pretty face, take a moment to see this. Gia Marie Carangi ascended to upper-echelon model status in the 1970s. Then came drug abuse, shattering lesbianism, and AIDS. Carangi died of the disease in 1986. It’s as if author Jay McInerney and director Michael Cristofer wrote this with Jolie in mind. She preens, pouts, and accelerates into a wall. Jolie gets to Carangi’s disintegration as if she sees it coming and can’t wait. It’s the kind of passionate performance (she was 22 at the time) that sex-symbol status bars you from repeating. Here, Jolie is very much Jon Voight’s daughter: wild and utterly fearless.

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