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Fight Club

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By Chuck Palahnuik

Vintage, 1996. 208 pages.


f you’ve seen the movie, put it out of your mind. This is the real thing: Full-throttle prose of the kind only creative dementia can induce and sustain.

Antihero Tyler Durden is one man, many men, all men; he’s disaffected, angry, horny, at war with himself. Marla is a fuck-buddy with a “vaginal vault.” Tyler sees signs in piss and kisses in acid.

His alter-ego, Palahniuk’s narrator, is appalled. Or is he?

Punches are both answer and ritual. Ego does it to id, id back to ego, energy level rising like water in a sinking ship. This is a one-sitting novel of irradiating intensity. It is also an American original, a precious commodity.

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