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July 7, 2022 | Rome, Italy

Body Heat

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Date: 1981

Director: Lawrence Kasden

Starring: William Hurt, Kathleen Turner

Lawrence Kasden’s breakthrough film ( “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” “The Big Chill,” and “The Accidental Tourist” followed) also launched William Hurt and Kathleen Turner. Matty Walker (Turner, then 26) ignites a torrid affairs with small-town Florida lawyer Ned Racine (Hurt) to enlist him in the murder her husband. Ostensibly a thriller, it was billed in its time as a vehicle for Turner to one-up Lauren Bacall — with graphic sex as a noir plot condiment. It works. Turner’s bedroom voice is impossibly raspy. Hot weather begets sweat that begets betrayal. Everything leaks indolently. Which it should.

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