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13 Ways of Looking at the Novel

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By Jane Smiley

Knopf, 2005. 608 pages.


miley, winner of a Pulitzer prize and author of over a dozen books, took a year off from her own writing to read one hundred novels. But her break was only that and she soon returned to writing; this book is the result. In two parts, the first is a 13-part essay on novels — their history, their psychology and art — and on their writing — A Novel of Your Own. The second part is a discussion of each of the one hundred books she read.

The book is a delight in every sense. Smiley is acute and erudite; the ideal reading companion. She is opinionated without being polemic and easy to read but not simplistic. This is a book to have on the bedside table to pick up when you are in a fiction lull, unsure why you read novels or which one to turn to next.

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