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The Sentinel

It’s nice to see real adults make out. Here, albeit briefly, we get secret service agent Pete Garrison (Michael Douglas) and the presidents wife Sarah’s (Kim Basinger), a pleasant reminder that sex actually occurs between consenting adults past age 50. Sad to say, mature sighs do not a thriller make. Fiendish bad guys are trying to assassinate the president and have a mole inside the Secret Service. When Pete’s co-agent is murdered, he smells a plot and calls for help. Enter Secret Service investigator David Breckenridge (Kiefer Sutherland) a bureaucratic Jack Bauer-type who likes Pete no more than the shadowy bad guys.

Suddenly, Pete’s a suspect as lam on a vigilante quest to expose “the truth.” At this point it’s weapons drawn, mad dashes, and stilted dialogue (“I can’t believe this!”). Hand-held indolence fill in for narrative as director Clark Johnson gropes toward an incoherent climax at a G-8 meeting in Toronto. A waste of several good actors. Where’s vintage John Frankenheimer when you need him?