November 30, 2023 | Rome, Italy

How you get better

Once upon a time, a fresh-to-the-city New Yorker tried becoming an artist but backed away. Now she's starting over.

When adulthood beckons, resist.

Growing up

There comes a time when the worlds of Narnia and Christopher Robin seem to call for a farewell wave. Beware the moment.

A matter of empathy.

Creature comfort

A mousey cleaning woman and a monster become sentimentally entangled in Guillermo del Toro's magical "The Shape of Water."

Too many tailored menus¦

Heart to resist

A romantic Valentine's Day dinner out? Not for this author, who'd prefer waiting a day to celebrate. Here's why.

Using psychoanalysis to understand the Jewish state.

Nevo’s rules

Eshkol Nevo's "Three Floors Up" uses a Freudian scheme to make sense of the personal complexities of modern Israel.