December 4, 2023 | Rome, Italy
The known world in the 17th century.

Historical cycles

Studying history means looking at life in century-long, not decade-long stretches, putting Steve Bannon-like alarmism on the fringe.

The result may prove a harbinger for the rest of Europe.

Ill-winds blowing

What's left of the EU's good name may take a further beating with the right rising and harbinger elections looming in Holland and France.

David Cameron's government came tumbling down.

A terrible year

Little about 2016 was encouraging. What's worse, its successor is destined to be tainted with the same problems.

Early American squabbles resemble Europe's today.

Days of future past

Giambattista Vico insisted history was cyclical, and lessons from recent European and American history appear to prove his point.

France was politically divided, opening the door to Nazi Germany.

Right now

Rightist movements are beginning to find a home on the center stage of global politics.