February 24, 2024 | Rome, Italy

Game (back) on

Terrorism is losing strategic traction as the troika of great powers, the U.S., Russia and China, return to center stage.

What I feel is who I am¦

It never ends

Donald Trumps' near pathological unpredictability makes the systematic conduct of foreign policy increasingly precarious

Act while the going's still good or stand pat?

Waning reach

Uncle Sam doesn't command the same audience he did half-a-century ago, so how then to best use his voice?

Talking tough, acting tamer.

Unthinkable thinking

Donald Trump's economic priorities are overturning old apple carts, but it's unwise to blindly label all the shakeups as bad.

Woe be to North Korea and Iran.

Answer A.

Donald Trump's foreign policy is a Republican foreign policy, and overthinking his motives gets you nowhere.

Hard to move on when no one knows where to.


Whether it's the policies of Donald Trump, Teresa May or those of Japan, the economic song remains retro.

When a hat and flag collide.

Hats off

Donald Trump's American antics and the Britain vote may herald a European re-launch.

A new take on the old from China.

Empire of rails

China foresees a world of railroads and interconnection, as if playing the part of an actor in the days of Long Depression.