February 29, 2024 | Rome, Italy
On average, wine lists in the U.S. are at least 50 percent pricier than those in Rome.


Being anointed wine-chooser is an honor, until you're stuck with a list written for billionaires.

Grown in Salento, the extreme southeast tip of the boot.

Southern gems

Obscure Puglia reds and whites are providing a welcome new boost to the Italian wine industry.

Hot Babe on a Harley is second only to"Blowin' Kisses in the Wind."

Sexy armas

Spain's Armas de Guerra is crispy, flinty, penetrating — just like "Hot Babe on a Harley."

A misplaced or misstated word can cost you dearly at customs.

Area B

An Italian traveler recalls a nightmarish trip to Washington that needs strong wine for the telling.

The author and his best friend.

Mezzo Americano

À la "Sliding Doors," seemingly minor decisions, depending on which way you turn, can transform lives.