February 24, 2024 | Rome, Italy
Fennel flower liqueur takes months to make, but it's worth the wait.

The sham

Behind the cheap online travel deals are companies that milk discounts indiscriminately.

A version of traditional Easter Umbrian torta al formaggio.

In charge

Food intolerance can eventually teach you to make hostile ingredients work on your behalf.

A15-kg (33-lb) porchetta cut feeds about 60 people.

Keep the belly

Slow Sundays in in the dead of an Umbrian winter seemed tailor made to begin cooking up porchetta.

Press the passatelli dough through a wide-holed ricer or spaetzle maker.

Winter oddities

A trip to Thailand offers up the mystery of carbonara hot pot, and brings to mind a passatelli recipe.

Buying just any flour can sabotage taste.

Live bread

Making good bread depends above all on the quality of the flour you use to tease up yeast's appetite.