January 31, 2023 | Rome, Italy

Gold medal art

Vying for Olympic glory and the art of fine writing are not so different if you look to their cores.

Governments by musical chairs.

Cui bono

The way Italian politics has been conducted for decades can help American seeking the how's and why's of flip-flopping Donald Trump.

De Michelis was less known for his dancing skill than his charm.

The sensual banquet

American and Italian sex scandals have little in common, since the former are Puritan and the latter appropriately Bacchic.

Rockford, Illinois went for Trump.

The colonial report

Eastern reporters still searching for clues to explain the ascent of Donald Trump repeat a condescending error again and again.

Do what you do best.

The big fiction

How many times have you heard someone tell you they're writing a novel? Truth is, most of the time they're not, or can't.

Among the author's favorite spots is the Enfield, New Hampshire library.

Reading is encouraged

If you're a freelancer and work enters your life at its own pace, your local library (no, not Amazon) can enrich the passing days.

Summer in New Hampshire, but this time no return to Milan.


A summer vacation in New Hampshire feels like so many others until you realize its not a vacation at all.

Glimmers of love

After a quarter century in Milan, Madeleine Johnson heads home to America, but not before a nod to her city.