April 23, 2024 | Rome, Italy
Animals you can grow to appreciate as soulful.

For love of pigs

You can take the girl out of Iowa, but good luck taking the Iowa out of the girl, especially when it comes to pig love.

One door closed, another opened.

Pianist to poet

Once a promising pianist, the author "graduated" to verse, with key life lessons learned along the way.

An Iowa wedding at 78.

One last dance

The author's father is getting married at 78, and the impending change elicits a flood of thoughts and memories.

A true mutt.

About a dog

The story of a dog often has much in common with the story of a human life and its passages.

Memories of a mother who paid attention to looks.

A powerful day

Mother's Day is powerful day when it triggers a flood a memories, and with it a sense of loving loss.