May 23, 2024 | Rome, Italy

Gag order

My daughter’s iPhone has gone rogue. As in Manchurian Candidate rogue. As in Darth Vader rogue. As in AI (read [...]

Keeping it real

California is an Officially Weird Weird state. I sometimes get the feeling it was colonized by disciplinarian aliens who tried [...]

Pet tales

In a previous state in a previous life, Crumpet the dog and Zombie the cat prowled our domain. They’d each [...]


We just adopted a kitten. For reasons known only to ten-year-olds, the cat was immediately named Moo, which if I [...]

My daughter the eco-warrior

Rebecca, the exceptional daughter of columnist Joel Stein, learns that plastic is a great peril to birds, and so becomes the next great child eco-warrior.