June 17, 2024 | Rome, Italy

Fire escapes

Editor's note: In these vignettes, Lorien Menhennett takes a break from her medical writing to peer at the New York [...]

Actors are used to "play" patients.

Be my doctor

An Objective Structured Clinical Examination is medical school lingo for a very special kind of stress test.

When you begin prescribing, "the" patient is "your" patient.

The order

A medical student's first medication order represents something of a milestone from many perspectives.

Discarded souls.

Repairing the mind

Mental illness was once handed over to asylum "care," and while a 21st-century psychiatry unit is no picnic, it offers relief.

When words come first, apps don't count.

Dr. Dating

When you're a medical school student, putting the dating pieces together isn't easily — if it ever is.