February 22, 2024 | Rome, Italy
A hub for contemporary printing in Italy.

A print affair

For lovers of print, typography and letterpress printing, there is still hope even in the online age.

It's the little things that hint at longevity.


A big brother's wedding announcement brings reflections on the meaning of the word expedite.

Learning to love leather.


Beloved footwear can gradually become an important witness to your daily legacy.

Recently, the only bank shut its doors, taking with it the one ATM machine for miles around.

Ghost town

Zeroing in on "dying" towns is a guilty pleasure for Italian story-hunters, but life in one is another story.

No plans for Rome have come up, even as rumor.

Coffee wars

Starbucks may be zeroing in on a Milan outlet, but why are expats more upset than Italians?

They gasp and twitch in disgust.


Americans often come to Rome bearing a host of myths — which can call for a reality check.