May 20, 2024 | Rome, Italy
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No way

Have doubts about your status as a Muslim entering the U.S.A.? Here's help.

Choose the "Make Me Up" option!

We at SAD

Need tailored narcissism? Look no further than the folks at

Putin has filled the Villian Void.


When Saddam went south, villainy faced a void. Not for long, thanks to the superb VP.

Hard to fight on without a face.

No contest

Who needs ESPN and fantasy football when you have the Empire Sports Gladiator Network?

Always film an open casket.

Smart rules

Here are five key situations (death included) in which smartphone use is highly advisable.

The team finished eighth in Serie A last year, failing to make European competitions.

Game of loans

Top Italian clubs, led by Inter, are relying increasingly on high-risk loans to reverse their fortunes.