June 21, 2024 | Rome, Italy
He was eventually supported by larger countries as well.

President X

The election of Slovenian lawyer Aleksander Čeferin as UEFA chief sends out intriguing signals.

In all, the two transfers neared €200 million.

Top lady

By acquiring Gonzalo Higuain and letting go of Paul Pogba, savvy Juventus showed it's playing for European silverware.

His midseason announcement was followed by a Manchester City nosedive.

Mad men

The musical chairs that is football management is more than ever in madcap motion.

Liverpool fans recently made their views on rising ticket prices very clear.

Priced out

Despite vast TV revenues, soccer ticket prices are running amok, particularly in Germany, Spain and Britain.

His €300,000 a week salary makes him among the top 10 highest earners in world football.

Funny money

China's leap into the soccer market is changing the financial dynamics of an already top-dollar sport.

Just make sure to have your birth certificate for use in jail.


When you're feeling your age, don't take it out on your passport. Or else.