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After the Wedding (Efter brylluppet)

Suzanne Bier’s Oscar-nominated Danish drama is a good watch for a lazy Sunday afternoon. Mads Mikkelsen (the blood-weeping villain “Le Chiffre” in Casino Royale) is Jacob, an effortlessly handsome and laconic manager of a bankrupt Indian orphanage. He is offered a large donation for the orphanage from his native Copenhagen, but is required to return to Denmark to shake on the deal. Once back in the scenic Danish countryside, Jacob discovers a family secret requiring him to abandon his life and “family” in India.

Rolf Lassgård is convincing as the billionaire Jørgen with questionable motives. The movie is slow and perhaps culturally Danish in parts where no one speaks for protracted periods of time. Although titled “After the Wedding,” the wedding itself play a minor role in this drama that reflects on family, love, regret, trust, and the legacy you leave behind.