December 3, 2023 | Rome, Italy
De Michelis was less known for his dancing skill than his charm.

The sensual banquet

American and Italian sex scandals have little in common, since the former are Puritan and the latter appropriately Bacchic.

Busy times make for surrogate "parents."

Home economics

Despite feminism and greater movement toward gender equality, a mother's role still lacks vital social (and financial) prestige.

Be careful when romanticizing rural life.

Hold the romance

While it's easy to idealize a "nonna" cooking for the kids in a bucolic kitchen, rural realities were different.

One door closed, another opened.

Pianist to poet

Once a promising pianist, the author "graduated" to verse, with key life lessons learned along the way.

Danger at face value.

Dangers at face value

It's time for the Big 5 social media giants, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to put an end to stalling and open their gates.

When you begin prescribing, "the" patient is "your" patient.

The order

A medical student's first medication order represents something of a milestone from many perspectives.

Eaten like chips...

All about the crunch

Italy's Jewish Quarter goes heavy on fried food, but it hardly stops there, with frying making its way into all manner of national cuisine.