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By Book Staff | September 29th, 2017
Irish writer Claire Louise Bennett's idiosyncratic "Pond" is a small masterpiece of cranky solitude.
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Making up games can help with school subjects.

Playtime lessons

Playtime is vital to a child, since those deprived of it are likely to rush into adulthood thinking of relaxation as a bad thing.

Do what you do best.

The big fiction

How many times have you heard someone tell you they're writing a novel? Truth is, most of the time they're not, or can't.

Woe be to North Korea and Iran.

Answer A.

Donald Trump's foreign policy is a Republican foreign policy, and overthinking his motives gets you nowhere.

The laughter is at Middle America's expense.

Luckless Logan

Steven Soderbergh's return to the movies is a misfire, above all because it flunks American cultural geography.

Detail from a painting by Eugene de Blaas.

The kitchen within

Amid unfolding natural tragedy and tales of woe, it takes a cook to tell you where to seek refuge: in the kitchen.