June 1, 2023 | Rome, Italy
Hard to move on when no one knows where to.


Whether it's the policies of Donald Trump, Teresa May or those of Japan, the economic song remains retro.

Young athletes are pushed beyond most known limits.

Child slavery

The relationship between sports and kids gets dicey when the competition calls for relentless practice and ignoring pain.

Among the author's favorite spots is the Enfield, New Hampshire library.

Reading is encouraged

If you're a freelancer and work enters your life at its own pace, your local library (no, not Amazon) can enrich the passing days.

Laughs, but no utopia.

Eating The Moon

Tired of hetero-centric novels that include gays, the author decided to create a world of his own by writing a gay utopia novel.

Now, seeing it on phones and the internet come first.

Dead-end aura

The "great" American solar eclipse certainly got more than its fair share of hype, but life-changing it was not.

Still no reasoned speech.

House of Trump

Caveat emptor: A self-interested businessman-president doesn't come equipped with a moral gyroscope.

An Iowa wedding at 78.

One last dance

The author's father is getting married at 78, and the impending change elicits a flood of thoughts and memories.