October 4, 2023 | Rome, Italy
A new take on the old from China.

Empire of rails

China foresees a world of railroads and interconnection, as if playing the part of an actor in the days of Long Depression.

The city was just beginning to turn hyper-hip.


The author arrived in Milan in 1992. Now, 25 years later, it's another city and another Italy. Or is it?

Trump visited the pope and the Italian president in his 24-hour stay.

My way

A passing neighbor by the name of Trump spoke of peace, prosperity and himself

A card game that elicits memories.


Playing Solitaire isn't about winning or losing, but opening up a pathway into memory lane.

But with a silver lining...


When you start smoking again after nearly five years, it's time to come to terms with celestial bodies, and your own.

Civil unions are too often scorned.

An unfair split

In a gay relationship, 50-50 isn't an equal proposition and can unexpectedly leave a trusting partner on the brink.

Picard Surgelés can be a lifesaver.

Frozen French

A host's amazing dinner turns out to hail from a wholly unexpected source, a frozen food outlet.