June 10, 2023 | Rome, Italy
A will is as legally sacrosanct as documents come.

Papá in America

If what a relative promised you earnestly isn't clearly stipulated in a legal will, chances are you're out of luck.

Nine months of fighting at Verdun.

Bled white

A trip to Verdun brings back the ghosts of one of the most lethal battles in human history.

Tom Boswell, writing in the Washington Post.

The stink

Thomas Boswell is right: baseball, more than ever, is an antidote to the appalling realities of presidential politics.

I somehow made people, even complete strangers, comfortable enough to confide in me…

Just ask

Lost in Translation gets a remake, as the author turns to dating advice. Why? Because people ask.

No photos allowed.


Crazy Horse feared sitting for a photo might steal his soul. Which brings us to the Internet.

Being in two changes the paranoid equation.

A man

For the paranoid person, a relationship means opening a portal into a beautiful but terrifying world.