May 30, 2023 | Rome, Italy
Urban noises can take an outsider by surprise.


Entertaining a visitor means telling him about the rude violence of Brooklyn's streets.

Religious fear and loathing makes matters worse.

Deadly consent

The Orlando attack again illustrates the risk posed by religious hatred toward the LGBT community.

Finch won an Oscar for "Network" but died before receiving it.


Four decades before Brexit, Paddy Chayefsky picked up on its spirit and presented it presciently.

Members of Oswald Mosley's 1930s Black Shirt brigades.

In need of history

The author, who has worked with the Model United Nations, argues that knowing the past is more fundamental than ever.

Suck it up isn't always the answer.

Rule by mum

Bullying makes less of an appearance in Italian rural life, but there's no clear explanation why.