September 26, 2023 | Rome, Italy
Supporters of Islamic law on Thursday in the Swat Valley, a Pakistani region where the Taliban exploited class rifts to gain control.


Washington badly wants a strongman — but it can't say so... in so many words.

Movie review: Gavid Hood’s assault on indiscriminate torture is crippled by one-liners and a meddling, maudlin soundtrack


Gavid Hood's assault on kidnapping and torture is crippled by a meddling, maudlin soundtrack

“Why do you wear a fedora and a trench coat?”

The Travolta

Timothy Aubry: "Who, after all, would have been surprised to discover that Edward was a nerd?"

Prop planes fly through it...

La nube

A Sunday silver lining softens the havoc caused by European air traffic stoppages.