May 29, 2023 | Rome, Italy


"You have all these syndicated shows about doctors and cops and lawyers, and we were thinking: Isn't it our turn?"


Cover letter

I manage anger; I am sensitive; I train others to kneel. My faith is yours, an adaptation.

Ryszard Kapuscinksi, Iran, 1978, Shah, Islamic revolution, Reza

Shah of Shas

Though out of his element in Iran, Kapuscinksi still makes the 1978 fall of the shah into unforgettable history.

Duras, Saigon, erotic literature

The Lover

Viet Nam gets sensual treatment in Marguerite Duras' highly personal story of an adolescent love affair.


Do the math

Cats represent the single life. To hypothesize, cats are like the newly single person.

Nabokov, farce, professor, Wordsmith College

Pale Fire

Nabokov's Appalachian tall tale tears academia to shreds, and provides the meaning of "crapula" ...